Hello again! We have another review for you guys this time we are going to talk about This site is about Japanese girls. The site looks good, no advertisement, just the content. It has description and trailers you can watch about the movies, before you sign in. This is really good, because this way you know what you get for your money. The site really looks simple, you probably wont have any problem browsing it. Now lets see what are the good and the bad things about Kobe Surprise.

+ Pros

Good looking Movies
As you can watch in the trailers, this site offers good quality movies. The girls are cute, there are some good scenarios. It is not the usual porn stuff, they offer something fresh, and new. The most important thing is that they don’t censure the videos, you can see everything in them, which is not always the case in Japanese adult movies. Generally they blur out the intimate parts, but not here. The videos are not in HD format, but are very good and enjoyable, you won’t have problems with them.

Simple Navigation
As I mentioned earlier, the site is very clean, and simple. No pop-ups or advertisement. You have a menu on the top of the screen, with big visible letters. You can navigate on the site with them simply. You can click on the pictures, or on their name, and it will divert you to a page where you have information, and a small description about the video. Plus you can watch a free trailers, if you are not a member.

Exclusive Collection
There is a lot of content here, and the good news is that you never saw these videos, or pictures anywhere else on the internet. You cant download these videos, so the only source to watch them is here. You won’t see movies that you have seen many times before.

– Cons

Unclear Update Schedule
This site has good quality content, so people probably want new videos as frequently as possible, so they could watch quality Japanese adult movies, but is not updating that many times. As I noticed, their last update was in 2010. So that is a big minus for them.

Streaming-only Videos
You cant download from the site in any format, you can only watch the videos online on the page. This is not that big of a problem, because you can always log in, but on other sites, you can download their content, so I’m missing this option here.

No Bonus Content
When you become a member, you can watch the videos and pictures on this site, but you don’t get anything else for your money. Since this site is not part of a network, you don’t get access to other websites. And you wont get any bonuses neither.