Immoral Live is a site with a somewhat strange name. So, first of all one should ask himself the question, is it considered moral to watch porn online? We say it absolutely is. And when we first came to check out this site we were kind of worried about what we might find. Is it going to be like really immoral? We had all sorts of thoughts in our heads. But then, what we found was just a really one of a kind site. The interesting thing about this site is that it is a cam site. So basically you come online and check out a live show. You can see girls get banged hard, hard core stuff all the way, squirting and group sex, not just your everyday cam girls getting naked and playing around with themselves. We will try to explain through pros and cons, how this site really works.

+ Pros

Bonus Sites
Just the usual. Once you become a member, you can access the site with all it has to offer and you get access to a number of extra sites. We will not go into this in detail. Let us concentrate on Immoral Live dot com only.

High Quality Cams
The shows are brought to you through HQ cams, so all the shows are really enjoyable, you can see all the details and you need not worry about missing any details. There is also an archive that you can reach in case you missed the live shows. There is a lot to choose from, there are already over 150 videos in the archive. Enough to keep you busy for quite a while, and even if you are really quick, it will take you quite a while to get to the end of it.

Regular Updates
There are, according to the most recent updates, five shows every week, and these go into the archive, so if you missed the live one, you can still check it out any time, when and where it is convenient for you.

– Cons

If you missed, you’re dissed
If you missed the live show, that means that you missed out on the opportunity to interact with the models on the way, possible even ask them to do some stuff that turns you on. The shows are usually on in the evening, once you join, you will see the accurate timetable and the date of all the upcoming shows. But if you watch them later on, well, that is just like watching a porno, without the fun part this site offers you. This brings us to our next point.

Keep your eye on the calendar
The shows are only on at certain times, so if you are busy or are surrounded by people most of the time, this is not the site for you. Since it is on in the evening, east coast time, if you are in a totally different time zone, you just might be at work when the shows are on.

Bonus site updates
If you are counting on the network, from time to time you might be disappointed, cause not all of the sites are regularly updated. This is a frequent problem with the bonus site networks, but well, you can not win em all, can you?