Dirty Doctor is a pretty exciting site of an elderly gyno doctor who seduces his teenage patients. All his patients are 18 years old and it is their first time at the gynecologist who uses this opportunity to live out his own fantasies. He peeks at the girls while they undress themselves and then he pretends that he is examining them and suddenly penetrates them hard. This site is part of the Teen Mega World Network which means that you will get access to bonus sites as well through this one. Let’s get cracking and let’s look at the pros and cons.

+ Pros

Bonus Sites with Membership
This site is the piece and parcel of Teen Mega World Network, as we have mentioned it above, and this means free access to 25 sites altogether with only one membership. We have a feeling that all the sites that belong to this network have identical looks, since Anal Angels looks the same as Dirty Doctor and they both belong to the same network.

HD Pictures and Videos
We are more than glad to be able to say that the content is flawless in quality. All the pictures in the galleries and the movies as well are in HD quality, so you will be able to enjoy every tiny detail and won’t have to worry that you will miss something because of the shitty resolution. You can forget about pixels and can prepare yourself for crystal clear joy. We really did have a great time.

One of the most important things is that, at least in our opinion, users can rate what they see and they can also leave comments. As soon as you click on the chosen video you will be able to see what its viewers thought about it and decide whether you would like to see it or not. Or you just simply don’t give a damn about what they said and watch the video anyways. It is on you to decide, but the comments are truly useful.

Frequent Updates
We are always disappointed when we have to review a site that is left without updates, that is, it is dead. However, we are more than happy when we can tell you that a site is being updated on a regular basis. This is the case with Dirty Doctor as well, which is loaded with fresh material at least twice a week as are all the sites in this network.

– Cons

No Video Previews in the Tour
It is true that caps from the videos can be seen during the tour but we think that one deficiency of this site is that it did not enable non-members to check out some previews of the movies. It would be really cool if they would be allowed to check out some moments of these exciting videos so they could decide with more ease whether they would like to join or not – but that’s also the part were we are joining into the game.

No real Variation
We really want to be completely honest with you so we also have to admit that there is no real variation in the scenes. An 18 year old girl comes into the ordination, she gets undressed, lays into the chair, spreads her legs and the Dirty Doctor starts to examine her. He then grabs his penis and shoves it into the babe’s hole. This is what you can expect when you start watching the videos. It is sexy and everything, but get boring after a few movies. Sorry, but this is the case!