Creampie overload. A fun name and it really does make one wonder about what this site has to offer. It is basically horny women who like to get fucked and top it off with a lovely little cream pie. So here we stand, we took a nice look at the site and we really enjoyed it. If you are considering becoming a member of the site, we support your decision. You should read our review about this porn site, so you will know what to expect and if it’s worth to join or not…

+ Pros

Easy Download and Streaming
It is all just so easy. What we really like is when a porn site is user friendly and easy to navigate on. This is one of those sites. It is just a click away and you can check out all of the hot scenes, the ones you see fit at the moment. And you can watch them all over again, no annoying refreshing needed and no issues with reloading the video. Also you can easily download the stuff and save it to your computer so you can watch it again when you feel like it.

Super Hot Scenes
This is some real live cream pie action. So if this is what gets you going, you should not go to just some site and search for some videos. Here, all the footage is concentrated on these babes who love a good cream pie planted into their tight pussies. And the girls are really beautiful, too. This is not just material where they jump into it and start off with the hardcore stuff in the beginning. You get a nice foreplay too, just to get your fantasy going.

Bonus Sites
Of course, you get access to bonus sites if you become a member. Here, you get instant access to almost 30 other sites. This means that you will have access to unbelievable amount of porn at once. Watch out for sites with sucky updating.

– Cons

Bad in the Good
So as I have mentioned above, you should watch out for sites that are not updated regularly, possibly even not at all. This can get really annoying, cause you might come back looking for stuff that is never gonna be there. Even if there are updates, it has a low count.

We had some trouble with speed on 18VirginSex. Namely that we think it is just a bit too slow for our patience. The updates on this site are really slow, not what we are used to, and we don’t really like it. If you can get something better, you probably will, and this is our philosophy as well. So this site should consider finding the right staff to run it or they might just run out of business.

Slow as Well
So if we look past the previously mentioned stuff, there is another problem with the updates. So, I am just going to go ahead and say it. It seems that the site just stops updating from time to time, and this is sort of disturbing, annoying as well. This is not good, but we have to say it, this is not something that would motivate people to pay for membership. Sorry.

The price is not right
So what we like to pay for is good porn, nice girls, updates, and good updates is what we mean. And then we will just go and say, ah hell, this is what it costs, if it is worth it, we will pay for it. Sometimes it gets pricey though. And this is one of those cases. This site is expensive. And they tend to miss updates a lot. Definitely bad for their image.