As soon as you meet this site name, you can already have some ideas about the content that it offers. This is a true reality site where you will find no faking, no acting, just pure hardcore action. The videos are of good quality but because these are not studio-shot movies, they tend to be blurry, dark and jumpy sometimes. But this should not bother you since you will get a real college-life experience. Wild drunken parties, girl/girl, couple and group action is what you can expect to see here. Now let’s jump in the middle of things and look at the pros and cons of this porn site. Here we go!

+ Pros

Very authentic Reality Site
Most sites that advertise themselves as reality sites often only mimic them. We have found some sites that were supposed to be about wild college parties but what we have found were women in their late twenties or maybe even fifties who were trying to act like as if they were real college girls. Now, that is really disappointing. But this site is different. These babes are really wild college girls and the scenes are real too. They get involved into wild parties with lots of booze and men. When we watched the videos we almost felt like college students again. It is really amazing. The videos are really hot and you would wish if you could join these young people in their partying.

Easy to navigate on and nice browsing tools
Even if you are a real beginner, you won’t get lost on this site because it does not have any extra navigation tools only those that are needed for the user to find what he is looking for. The browsing tools that we found on this site were very useful since they ease the searching process and gives additional options to the members. For example, there’s the chick index where your favourite model is only a click away. It is also a good thing to have the Favourites where you can bookmark your preferred scenes and watch them over and over again. One of the most useful tools is the feedback survey where you can tell your impressions and your opinion to the webmaster about the updates or the features of the site. We really like that they have included this into the tools. It is really awesome that they care about what members say.

Regular updates
It is always nice to preview sites that have regular updates. College Wild Parties is updated at least once a week but sometimes there are even more updates. This way they guarantee you fresh and exciting experience to always keep you busy and satisfied.

– Cons

Videos tend to be darkish and blurry
Actually, this is not a strong negativity but we still have to mention it of we want to give a truthful review of this site. Since the scenes were not shot in studios but at real college parties, the quality of them varies. Sometimes the shots are too shaky, jumpy and darkish. We have to emphasize that if you would like to have a real college party experience you have to do with this.

Download limit
As opposed to our previous point, this one here is more serious. Why in the world would somebody want to limit downloading? We don’t think that this does good to this site. You can download only 15 videos per month. Although, it does not really make sense, we have to put up with it for real college experience.

Some bonus sites are not working
This is true and College Wild Parties should keep track of their bonus sites and maybe even remove the dead links. This is also a minor deficiency since you will still have access to dozens of bonus sites even if some of the links don’t work.